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genres: Comedy; year: 1970; Steno; Nino Longobardi; Average Ratings: 6,6 / 10 star

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Duration - 104Minute. Hong Kong. 237 votes. Director - Herman Yau. Story - Policeman Fong and her girlfriend Miss Cheung lost their memory in a car accident. With the help from Laofuzi and Big Potato, they get rid of the gangsters and be together once again

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Year - 1989; Duration - 1 Hour, 26min; Horror; Average rating - 3,5 / 10 stars; Tony Curtis

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runtime 67M. Directed by Chia-Hui Gao. USA. 7,3 / 10 star. 2002

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synopsis Two mobsters meet in a bar to trade some stuff. They are mobbed by four of the bar patrons, who kill one of them. After a pursuit, thieves escape on their motorbikes. Toni, the surviving mobster, calls Jan and his hit men to get back his stuff and to make the thieves disappear. This will take to a desperate situation, full of shootings, blood gallons and some acid drops Genres Thriller countries Spain duration 1H 20 M 6,6 of 10

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A thriller about a man, Dr Wolcott, who is wrongfully acquitted of charges that he molested his daughter, Dinah. The deputy district attorney, Joey, takes Dinah with her seeking refuge from Dr. Wolcott's molestation. A non-stop movie with twists and turns and a ferocious mountain lion; 1998; genre - Thriller, Drama; 100 Min; country - USA


writers=Sirshendu Mukhopadhyay; audience Score=1080 vote; resume=Goynar Baksho is a movie starring Moushumi Chatterjee, Konkona Sen Sharma, and Srabanti Chatterjee. Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay's famous tale of 3 generations of women and their changing position in society, seen in relation to a box of; genre=Drama; director=Aparna Sen


Directed by=Jean-Claude Brisseau / genres=Drama / star=María Luisa García / release date=1992 / Countries=France

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Director - Semih Evin; Country - Turkey; Audience score - 58 votes; 5 of 10


Romania User rating 7,5 / 10 Duration 1Hours 29min liked It 338 vote Writed by Mihai Opris

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description: Christmas Harmony is a movie starring Kelley Jakle, Chandra Wilson, and Adam Mayfield. Kelley Jakle stars as young woman who returns to her small hometown to rediscover music, family bonds, and the magic of the Christmas season; Average ratings: 7,3 / 10; Rating: 231 Votes; year: 2018; Nanea Miyata


release Date=2017 genre=Musical Brazil directors=João Daniel Tikhomiroff Renato Aragão, Livian Aragão

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Documentary, Short

Release year=2018

Summary=No need for stamp is a documentary based on the observation and recording of the city, in the context of an epistolary narrative between two friends. In a study about a woman's experience walking through the city and merging with the means of a film-diary, Veronica sends letters to Laura; she tells her about Buenos Aires, the objects and people she sees, she tells her about chance and the unexpected. She asks: don't you want to hear broken dishes?

Verónica Balduzzi

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Peter Berg

Marcus Luttrell

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  1. Actor - Roberto Álamo
  2. Daniel Sánchez Arévalo
  3. Country - Spain
  4. average Ratings - 6,5 / 10
  5. Info - Five brothers reunite for a wedding at the family estate on the day that Spain plays in the 2010 World Cup final

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rating 88 votes. Pekak is a movie starring Zahiril Adzim, Amerul Affendi, and Sharifah Amani. Adapted loosely from Romeo and Juliet, Pekak is a story about a deaf drug pusher Uda whose dream is to get a cochlear implant so that he can finally hear. Amerul Affendi. 6,8 / 10 star. countries Malaysia

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103 m / tomatometers: 7,6 / 10 / stars: Georgiy Drozd / creator: Mikhail Belikov / liked it: 178 Vote

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Rating: 63 votes

description: Jeder der fällt hat Flügel is a movie starring Jana McKinnon, Christos Haas, and Renate Hild. Time stands still for young and asthmatic Kati, but she has to bid her farewell to move on


year: 2015

Director: Peter Brunner