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User rating - 4,9 / 10 / directed by - Andrew Lau / 92 minutes / Country - Hong Kong / Genre - Action

SkyDrive #ChicagoGirl: The Social Network Takes On A Dictator

  1. 2013
  2. duration=74 Min
  3. Countries=Syria
  4. Directors=Joe Piscatella
  5. Audience score=224 vote

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liked It 16 vote. Shin Adachi. countries Japan. Release Year 2016. Average Rating 6,6 of 10

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  • Pete Jacelone
  • Duration - 60 Min
  • Director - Pete Jacelone
  • Gerry the Psychopath is a movie starring Daniel Evans, Pete Jacelone, and Edward X. Young. The life story of Gerry, a pathetic psychopath, abused as a child by his demented father, obsessed with killing young men

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Writed by - Cody Calahan Genres - Horror Release Year - 2015 Years after having her newborn child stolen from her, Sam searches a world infested with infected users from the Social Redroom website. After befriending a young girl named Bean, Sam is captured and locked in a facility dedicated to finding a cure for the Redroom Virus. Trapped and tortured, Sam tries to escape the facility before an impending update on the Redroom site hits 100% and unleashes it's final phase of attack 240 votes

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Country USA / 10m / release date 2017

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review Havukka-ahon ajattelija is a movie starring Kai Lehtinen, Hannu-Pekka Björkman, and Tommi Korpela. Self-taught philosopher Konsta Pylkkänen guides a group of researchers through Finland's Kainuu wilderness in the hopes of having a; 432 Votes; year 2009; Directed by Kari Väänänen; Veikko Huovinen

Replay Revenge Vimeo

Directors Basil Khalil / Writer Basil Khalil / Description Replay Revenge is a movie starring Basil Khalil, Gideon Levy, and Itamar. Basil Khalil, an English-Irish-Israeli-Palestinian young filmmaker shows us a tongue-in-cheek, entertaining and refreshing approach to the Israeli Palestinian / Country Israel / ratings 7,7 of 10

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The lives of a nightclub owner, a crime boss, a stripper, a bartender, two hitmen, a prostitute and a psychic take a turn for the worse when they are trapped in an escaped mental patient's sinister path of madness and destruction; Actors - Marcus Shultz; 2008; creator - Kyle Kramer; Tomatometer - 4,1 / 10 Stars

Brutal file hosting

  1. actor Iona
  2. Horror
  3. creator Takashi Hirose
  4. countries USA
  5. 13 Vote

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release date 1984 / Comedy / Director Harry Winer / 77 votes / Writed by Michael Bortman

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directed by: Gary Walkow actor: Vic Polizos writed by: Fyodor Dostoevsky Duration: 1Hours 28 M story: Notes from Underground is a movie starring Henry Czerny, Seth Green, and Sheryl Lee. Adapted from Dostoevsky's novella, Henry Czerny plays the narrator, Underground Man. Filled with self-hatred, he keeps a video diary where he


  1. duration - 1 h 38minutes
  2. liked it - 161 Votes
  3. year - 2001
  4. Movie Info - In Brooklyn, Zelda, her lover Max, and their small daughter Little Z share one room in a flat with seven others, including Natali, a best friend of Zelda's just out of detox. Max is a would-be writer, off most of the time drinking; Zelda is an illustrator working in the bedroom as she tends Little Z. At least once a week, Zelda and four other young women who each have a child meet for $2 margaritas during happy hour. They talk about life a few years ago without kids, men (only one is married), postpartum sex drives, moving to the country, and being stuck. As Max's moods weigh more heavily on Zelda and as Natali's recovery abates, can Zelda find constant forward motion?
  5. countries - USA

Morbus (O Bon Profit) Genre Animation

4 / 10 star / Ignasi P. Ferré / 1983 / Isabel Coixet / Horror

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actor - Ali

duration - 2 Hour 45Minutes

Ramana Chintapally

Review - A love traingle.Srinivas(Mahesh Babu) and Srivalli(SakshiSivanand) are college mates who fall in love and decide to get married.Twist in tale occurs when SriLatha(Simran),Childhood friend of Srivalli and happens to be tour guide of hero longback comes to to engagement function with her son..All is going well when its revealed that child is actually son of the actors due to drunk mistake during his tour.Rest is all about who the hero chooses and his emotional struggle


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Cast Ralf Schmitz. 2013. Comedy. tomatometer 7,3 / 10. Germany