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I absolutely adore this film! What I love most about the film is the sheer innocence both characters portray. Here we have Sang-min, who is depicted as a carefree young man who is enjoying life as a bachelor. We then have Bo-eun who is a young girl, who dreams of getting into college.
The chemistry between the two of them is amazingly well acted out. We can see how they tease and mock each other, yet very obviously, beneath all the jokes and insults, there is real concern for each other. The great thing about this movie is the way the relationship develops in this film. Slowly, we learn just how much Sang-min cares about Bo-eun who is seemingly oblivious of her own feelings. The right balance of seriousness, playfulness and jealousy makes the whole relationship work. It's very amusing to watch them both become jealous of each other's new interests, as we are able to see how much concern they hold for each other.
One of my curiosities about the film is this: if they had not been forced to marry, would they have ended up together anyway? I like the fact that Bo-eun finds the letter that Sang-min has kept all those years, and the scene between her and her mother, in which we are told of Sang-min's care for her when she was younger. We can see that his feelings have always been good towards her, and I think, deep down she has always felt this way for him.
An amazing film to watch if you to relax and finish a movie with a smile on your face and new fresh outlook on love.

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Watch Eorin shinbu online 01:55:00 Eorin shinbu: hd. 1080p HD The only thing sixteen year-old Seo Bo-Eun's grandfather wants is to see her wed, even going as far as to fake a fatal illness to get his way. He arranges her marriage to twenty-something Park Sang-Min, the grandson of a family friend. Keeping their marriage a secret from all but a select few, the newlyweds try to live their separate lives as normally as possible, but it becomes far more complicated than they ever imagined... Same actors appears in these titles Created by same people as was this title.

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