Fů𝖑ŀ Mο∨𝜾ę Movie Maa

  • writer=Shyam Goel
  • tomatometer=7,1 / 10 stars
  • year=1992
  • cast=Sahila Chaddha, Jeetendra
  • Summary=A multi-millionaire, Ram Khanna, is advised by a fake astrologer that he will meet and marry a woman whose name will start with "M". Ram does meet Mamta, and they both fall in love. Ram marries her, despite the fact that she is the daughter of a prostitute, Heerabai, and brings her home with her. Mamta gets a chilling welcome from Ram brother's, Murli Manohar, and his wife, Maya. Mamta decides to assert herself and takes over the household matters, forcing Murli and Maya to leave the house. Soon Mamta and Ram give birth to a baby boy. One day Ram asks Mamta to take care of a suitcase full of cash, as he has to go out of town. Mamta is lured out of the house along with the suitcase, and is brutally killed by Gulu Goli, a hired hit-man, who buries her in a secluded spot. Though physically dead and buried, Mamta's spirit is still alive and active, though she cannot be heard, nor seen by anyone. She decides to return home and expose Murli and Maya. When she returns home, she finds that she cannot communicate with anyone, and watches helplessly as both Murli and Maya set about the task of killing her son, and getting Ram married to Maya's niece, Mona

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writed by=Russell Smith, Ric Esther Bienstock
description=A filmmaker tries to resurrect his career by exploiting the lives of New York street kids
scores=21 votes
Khalid Gonçalves
Genre=Drama, Documentary

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writed by=Félix Luna; country=Argentina; Documentary; liked It=20 vote; 7,6 / 10 Stars

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  1. Genre: Thriller, Drama
  2. description: After boyfriend's disappearance Zhenia develops an uncanny power for prophetic dreams. Using this gift she decides to escape fate and save her true love from Moscow's criminal underworld
  3. directors: Guillaume Protsenko
  4. Country: Russia
  5. 6,6 of 10 stars

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Wakefield is a movie starring Bryan Cranston, Jennifer Garner, and Victoria Bruno. A man's nervous breakdown causes him to leave his wife and live in his attic for several months; 2016; Duration 1hours 46M; USA; writed by Robin Swicord

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duration 16Minute; Description An intimate confessional from Nick, who learned through puberty that the imaginary friend in his head was real, and violent; country Australia

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genres: Documentary / Synopsis: At 90 years old, John Mason reflects on his life-long struggle to become a Modern Artist.This documentary reveals the life and work of John Mason, a Los Angeles based Sculptor who's innovations helped establish the foundation of the West Coast Art Scene in the 1960's / duration: 14Minutes


  1. 489 Vote
  2. user ratings: 4,5 of 10
  3. Genre: Comedy
  4. Writers: Mayur Puri
  5. Sanjay Gadhvi

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release date - 1973; 163 Vote; Creator - Roland Starke; synopsis - "The 14" or "Existance" has a mother of 14 children living in poor working class England falling sick and the children try to carry on as a family. Convincing acting from young actors raises this gritty tale above the horizon; actor - June Brown

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Duration: 1Hour 35m. stars: Lynn Danielson-Rosenthal. release year: 1992. Tomatometer: 5,7 of 10 Star. Writer: Eddy Polon